My first weeks as your MP

My first few weeks in Parliament have humbled me. It has been exhilarating and exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking, but I can’t forget I’ve been sent to Westminster to do a job – to represent our city. 

Chester’s special because of its beauty, its history, and the countryside around us. But most of all it is the people that make the city what it is.

That’s why I was saddened to read about the recent deaths of two of our finest. JessciaVersey was a teenager from Blacon, whom I met during the campaign and whose resilience I still find inspiring. She succumbed to complications from cancer but was a fighter all the way. Her fight inspires us to push forward efforts to fundraise to help researchers find a cure for cancer. I have faith that we will do it one day, and that day can’t come soon enough. Jane Wolfe is a lady who I wish I could have met. Her obituary reads like a manual for community activism and it is clear that the Garden Quarter has been enriched by her life. She leaves a legacy that I am sure the local people will continue to build upon.

Community Spirit means different things to different people. I live in Hoole and like many others, I think it is a unique shopping area that needs to be supported. That’s why I complained to the Chief Executive of NatWest Bank over the closure of our local branch. Number crunchers in London or Edinburgh need to know how their decisions directly affect the lives of local residents and businesses here in Chester.  We rely on counter services because going into town isn’t always convenient. 
It’s the same with the Posthouse Roundabout. I asked two questions about this issue in the House of Commons last week because I won’t stand for our people having to sit in traffic jams for two hours a day because of the incompetence of this Government or its contractors. Time is a precious commodity in our lives. It should be spent with our families and friends, not wasted sat on the A55 or going to town just to pay in a cheque.

The opportunity you have given me in Chester is the privilege to fight for you in Westminster. We won’t always win, but if we don’t try we will certainly lose – so fight I will for our city.


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