My work in Chester

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I am the most hard-working MP our city has ever had...

With almost 200 residents’ surgeries in just two years, over 370 contributions in Parliament and over ten thousand letters sent on behalf of constituents who have come to me for help.

I need your support on the 8th June so I can get on with the job. I hope you are with me.

This is what I have been working on for the past two years:

Tory sums on education don’t add up

  • Our local schools face £6.4 million of Tory funding cuts, with every local school cutting teachers.
  • I hosted a Westminster debate on cuts in Chester, attended by every party, and challenged the Prime Minister directly at PMQs on this issue.
  • I met the Schools Minister to discuss drastic situation in Cheshire West.
  • I organised a local campaign to involve parents in this issue.

Challenging £57 million of cuts to our local council

  • The Conservative Government has cut our council’s budget by £57m.
  • Any increases in council tax and cuts to services are a direct result of the Tories’ narrow-minded austerity agenda.
  • I have campaigned in and out of Parliament for this money to be returned to CWAC.

Connecting rural communities with ultra-fast broadband

  • I persuaded Virgin Media to bring ‘Project Lightening’, their ultra-fast broadband service, to Chester including the rural areas.
  • I won additional BT investment for Chester through the Connecting Cheshire programme.

Challenging the potential closure of The Countess Hospital

  • Through my ‘Countess Counts’ campaign I have led calls to abandon any plans to close our local hospital - I’m fighting for increased investment.
  • My online and paper petitions have collected more than 2500 signatures so far.
  • I have spoken out against the STP process in Parliament and will always defend our NHS services, locally and nationally

Fighting speculative developers

  • I presented a petition to Parliament opposing unnecessary student developments.
  • I helped overturn proposed new blocks in Hoole and Newtown.
  • I have worked hard in Westminster to challenge the Tory planning policies that put local people last.

Real action for 1950’s women on pension reform

  • I presented a petition to Parliament on behalf of hundreds of affected constituents.
  • I have supported WASPI campaign from the outset, attending marches, hosting a Day of Action in Chester in late 2016, and speaking up for WASPI whenever possible, locally and nationally.

Fighting for a Frack Free Chester

  • I have campaigned strongly to support local communities in Upton and elsewhere in their fight against fracking.
  • I voted against granting fracking licences in National Parks.

Bringing Chester Castle back to life

  • Chester Castle has been closed for 20 years.
  • I have brought the different agencies who manage the site together to get it re-opened to the public this summer as part of a plan to bring the site back into full use and enhance Chester's tourism offer.

Road safety and investment

  • I led the campaign for the M56 to be upgraded to a smart motorway.
  • I vigorously opposed new tolls for the Mersey crossings which would hit Chester residents hard - tolls that Tory ministers promised we would not pay.

Congestion issues on Hamburger roundabout

  • I’ve hosted two major public meetings with residents, CWaC officers and Highways England.
  • Local Tories have had years to act on problems at the Hamburger, and have done nothing.
  • I’ve made sure that local people have had their frustrations heard.

Chester and Brexit

  • In order to explain Labour's position on Brexit, I invited the person that will be negotiating the deal on our behalf.
  • We invited some Chester residents who voted Remain and Leave for a chat in a local pub.