MP joins women on the march for pension justice


Chester’s MP, Chris Matheson, hosted an afternoon meeting at his office on Castle Street on Friday (16th September) to discuss women’s pension reform.

The event was part of a national day of action for the WASPI Campaign which was started to fight against the injustice faced by women born in the 1950s regarding the changes to their state pension age.

In the mid-1990s the then Conservative Government introduced legislation to bring the State Pension Age for women in line with men. However, many women were not notified of the increase in their state pension age until very recently, leaving them with very little time to prepare for the change in the law. 

Chris said: “For me this is an issue of fairness, we cannot expect this small group of women to lose the money that they have worked hard for – especially when they have not been given any time to prepare. There is a growing movement amongst MPs from all sides of the political divide to challenge them on this and I met with women affected to listen to their personal stories.”

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