MP accepts petition on behalf of pension campaigners


Last week (Thursday 7th October), Chester’s MP, Chris Matheson, accepted a petition on behalf of local women who have been affected by the governments pension reforms.

Representing the WASPI campaign group (Women Against State Pension Inequality), local coordinator Tina Scriven said: “We’re presenting this petition to Chris today so that he can take it to Westminster as part of our national strategy to raise awareness of this issue in government and amongst the public.”

Receiving the petition, Chris said: “This is an issue of common sense and fairness. Nobody denies that pension arrangements need reform, but the way the 1950s women have been treated is simply unfair. They were given just a couple of years' notice that their retirement age would rise, meaning they had to start planning all over again. The government need to reconsider their position and make arrangements for transitional pension reforms that are staggered over time to reduce the impact on this huge group of hard working women.”

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