Like 2015 and 2016, Chester is my priority in 2017

It seems likely that 2017 will continue to be dominated by the chaos that is our withdrawal from the European Union

But my priority is Chester and there are plenty of local issues that we need to make progress on this year, which is where my focus will be.

Working jointly with neighbouring MPs Graham Evans and Justin Madders, we continue to fight for additional investment in the M56, where delays and jams occur almost daily at which point all the surrounding roads grind to a halt. Last year the government refused my request for just £100,000 to put in cabling for cameras and matrix signs, as a temporary solution until smart motorway technology is introduced. So, this year we keep going back until they give us the answer we want.

And while we are on about roads, I will keep trying to find improvements to the Sainsbury’s roundabout, and will work with traffic experts to see if we can improve the A51 Tarvin Road, which is bursting over its capacity.

It’s not just the roads: working with Cheshire West Council Leader, Samantha Dixon, and neighbouring councils, we are promoting Growth Track 360 – our strategy for investment and upgrades to our local railway network.  I have already presented it to ministers and we are now waiting for the green light to move forward.

Reliable, fast broadband internet access is no longer a luxury but is a necessity, and I receive so many complaints about this. I shall be making a announcement about a big new investment in the next few weeks which should signal improvements for many of us.

We remain concerned about the future of NHS services locally, with services being rationed and talks about the future of the Countess, but I continue to fight those suggestions.

But there are also personal cases to be dealt with. Most of these remain private to the constituents, but some you will know about. I will not stop until we get a new police investigation – with British police officers – into the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam from Guilden Sutton. I want the truth and I want justice for her family.

Nor will I rest until ex-serviceman Ray Tindall is brought home from his unjust prison sentence in India.

In 2016 I held over 100 surgeries from Dodleston in the south to Puddington in the north. I will be doing the same this year:  open contact with constituents is the foundation of my work as an MP.

Whatever the headlines, my priority in Chester. In that sense 2017 will be just the same as 2016.

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