General election called

Would you believe it? Having denied over again that she should would not call a General Election, Theresa May has done just that. So much for her word.

Apparently she doesn’t like the fact that Parliament is divided. But this is the UK, not North Korea, and we should be proud of robust debate.

No, the real reason is because she knows she has no chance of delivering a Brexit deal that will satisfy anyone. Not those of us who campaigned to Remain but accepted the result of the referendum. And certainly not the hard right ideologues running the Tory Party. So she wants an extra two years of breathing space for her own purposes.

I am immensely grateful to the people of Chester for electing me just two short years ago and of course I want to finish that job. I turned down all offers to serve on the front bench because I promised my focus would be entirely on Chester, my constituency. So it has been.

And in just two years we have made progress. In the last couple of months, Virgin Media have started cabling 45,000 homes in the city with fast fibre broadband after I persuaded them to come here. And this summer we’ll be bringing the Castle site back into use after I drove forward the project, knocking heads together to make it happen and boost tourism and heritage.

I have been working with residents on traffic problems caused by the Sainsbury’s roundabout, and I have brought small businesses together in the city centre to help them boost and grow their businesses jointly – we are calling it Chester Independents.

But there is lots left to do. We need a government that will commit to improve the M56 – probably the issue I have raised most in Parliament. We need fair funding for schools, which now face crisis in Cheshire West and Chester. Anyone in the city centre can see that homelessness is on the rise, but so is the housing crisis.

How many families do you know who have adult children still living at home because they can’t afford to rent a house, let alone buy one? And instead, every spare plot of land is sat on by private developers or used for more speculative student accommodation.

So I want to carry on what I am doing. Serving this city. 

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  • commented 2017-05-16 18:45:01 +0100
    Hi Chris, firstly big accidental double negative in this blog post “denied that she would not call a general election” implies she said that she wouldn’t rule out calling one, when in fact we know what you meant is the opposite, she insisted there would be no general election. Secondly I will be emailing about this in the next few days but what does the Labour party intend to do in retaliation to a UKIP candidate not being named for the upcoming election in Chester? The numbers are worrying to prosepective labour voters in a very marginal (93 vote) constituency, the 4 100ish UKIP voters that surely align themselves more widely over policy to the tories than they do to Labour, in other constituencies facing a similar problem the green party has also not named a candidate in an effort to negate this tory boost but as we are well aware Chester does not have green candidate now or in 2015 to gain these theoretical votes from. How does Labour intend to overcome this disappointing vote boost to the Conservative party as the election comes at a time (the yearly mass exodus of students) that will surely see hits taken to the Labour parties voting numbers?
  • commented 2017-04-27 19:25:00 +0100
    Thank you Mr Matheson for all you have done to serve the people of Chester. Hoping for many more years of having you as our MP