Fix the M56!

The stretch of M56 between Chester and Runcorn has become renowned for its collisions, especially between junctions 12 and 14. Many of these have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities.

There have been several recent incidents which have led to the complete or partial closure of this key highway, leaving the surrounding road network unable to cope with the sheer volume of traffic. This has brought misery to thousands of local residents, businesses and commuters who are regularly affected by problems on the M56.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has recently announced that it will be upgrading other sections of the M56 to become 'smart motorway', yet the stretch between Chester and Runcorn will not be upgraded. There are also other initiatives that could be considered by the government and Highways England to improve the safety and efficiency of this motorway.

We, the undersigned, call upon the government and Highways England to launch an immediate review into this particular stretch of motorway and take prompt action to improve its safety.

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    Ernest Jones. Why is it the south of England gets everything they want as soon as they ask for it. We have been asking for a third crossing of the River Dee for decades but I doubt we’ll ever get it. If London asked for another bridge across the River Thames, they say "Okay, tell us where you want it and we’ll build it for you ASAP.
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    Sign the petition: Fix the M56!
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    That stretch of the motorway is dangerous.

    In the low lying sun of Autumn it is lethal
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    brian atherton
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    The amount of accidents on the M56 and the M53 is ridiculous. There seems to be at least one accident every week and this week there were two accidents (29.03.16 and 31.03.16) . The knock on effect to the surrounding areas is massive. It causes huge delays, queues and hundreds of people to waste petrol as a result of crawling along or being virtually stationary for hours or going miles out their way to avoid all the congestion. My journey on Tuesday teatime which usually takes me 10 minutes took me an hour and a half to reach my destination and 45 minutes to come back. In total I spent more than 2 hours driving, not to mention the cost of petrol, to do what should have been 20 minutes of mileage. It seems that the majority of accidents is either caused by or as a result of lorries going too fast or trying to overtake and not being able to get enough power or lack of indication and consideration of other vehicles.
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    Janet Cole
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    I use the M56 to commute daily and i see the problems on this stretch.
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    I work in Daresbury and live in Chester. I use this route 5 days a week, I can’t remember the last week where I didn’t see an accident of some sort. It’s a dangerous stretch and a smart motorway would help I believe.
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