I'm back, so let's keep going...

So, after a General Election that took a lot of people by surprise, both for being called in the first place and for the outcome, I am back returned as Chester’s MP. Continue reading

My video to support Chester Market

Times are tough for Chester Market, but there is something we can all do to help... Continue reading

Chester's gone Pokemon crazy...

At the risk of sounding like my actual age, I don’t really understand Pokemon. I certainly don’t understand Pokemon Go. Continue reading

General election called

Would you believe it? Having denied over again that she should would not call a General Election, Theresa May has done just that. So much for her word. Continue reading

One job is enough for me

Conservative former Chancellor George Osborne was in the news recently having been appointed Editor of the London Evening Standard, the country’s biggest regional newspaper. Continue reading

Far from dividing us, they have united us

The terrorist attack on Parliament was dreadful. Innocent tourists mown down indiscriminately by a car driving on the pavement, then a police officer stabbed to death. Continue reading

Bashing the self-employed is not the answer

It was Budget day in the Commons last week and the Chancellor Philip Hammond got himself in hot water by increasing national insurance contributions on the self-employed despite promising in his election manifesto, just two years ago, that he wouldn’t do it. Continue reading

Getting in on the debate...

When you think of the House of Commons, most people will think of the main chamber, where the big debates, votes and Prime Minister’s Questions take place. Continue reading

Pushing my luck, just to make the case for Chester

Each day in the Commons begins with an hour of oral questions. Every department turns up on a rota roughly once a month. Continue reading

Homelessness Reduction Bill

One part of MPs’ work you don’t see much of is the committee stage of a bill. Once the main general debate has taken place at what is called 2nd Reading, the bill goes into committee. Here a smaller number of MPs, between 20 and 40 depending on the size of the bill, go through it in detail, clause by clause. Continue reading