"Bring back control"?

Article 50. Six months ago few would have any idea what this obscure piece of a European treaty was all about. Now it is central to our politics. Continue reading

Community Leaders

As we approach Christmas, our local communities come together once again for their annual Christmas lights switch-ons. Continue reading

The Trump effect

It’s tempting, looking at the American election, to wonder if events 3000 miles away have any bearing on our life here in Chester. Continue reading

The NHS, STPs and The Countess Counts

There is no doubt that the NHS is under extreme pressure and with winter on its way, we can expect another crisis. The main problem is of course finance - 85% of our NHS trusts are now in deficit. This is a startling figure. Continue reading

Does "Brexit mean Brexit"?

It’s over 100 days since the Euro referendum and we are no clearer on what the government’s plans are – and they seem unwilling to tell us. Continue reading

Improving school standards

Two or three times a week in the Commons, the government will deliver a statement on an area of policy or a response to an event that has happened. Once the Minister has given the statement, other MPs can stand and ask questions about it. Continue reading

The Big Deebate

As Chester’s MP, one of my main aims has been to give local people a platform to be heard, and to ensure they are listened to. So as this summer’s debate about plans to renovate Dee House and the amphitheatre raged online, I went about organising a proper old-fashioned debate to ensure all views were heard. Continue reading

Ambitious about water sports in the city

The annual raft race on the River Dee is one of the great events of the Chester calendar and this year was no exception, with Chester Rotary Club and its President, Brendan Witter, exceeding all expectations yet again. It was a wonderful day and raised lots of money for charity. Continue reading

The "Nasty Party" is back!

So, Theresa May has appointed her first government. And it clearly marks a sharp lurch to the right of politics. Several ministers have returned who had previously been considered unsuitable for office in David Cameron’s attempts to move away from the ‘Nasty Party’ image identified, ironically, by Theresa May herself.   Continue reading

Referendum result - one month on...

I campaigned hard for the UK to remain in the EU and I was bitterly disappointed at the result, although not surprised: I speak to constituents on the doorstep every week and I could feel the way the mood was moving. That said, I believe that the City of Chester constituency voted about 54% to remain, based on statistical analysis of ballot papers at the count. Continue reading