About me

chris.jpgI'm Chris Matheson, Labour's MP for the City of Chester.

I grew up in rural Cheshire and now I live in Hoole with my family. I am married to Katherine and I have two daughters, both at schools in Chester.

I have a degree from the London School of Economics and previously I worked as a manager in the electricity industry. In my former role for the Unite trade union, I worked with some of the best known employers in Cheshire to secure jobs and win investment for the Chester area.

Chester used to be a prosperous city. Now too many of us are not even comfortable. Families are feeling insecure, they worry about the future, about paying the rent or the mortgage; about whether they can afford to fill the car up, or go on a family holiday. 

While big businesses are writing their own tax bills or even paying no tax at all, Chester's small businesses are struggling to access finance from banks and working hard just to keep afloat in an economy flattened by George Osborne and his double dip recession.

I will promote Chester's businesses, I will work with our business community to attract investment and I will fight for real, skilled and secure jobs in our city. 

Chester is a great place to live and I will work hard for everyone here to bring prosperity and security, opportunity and optimism back to our city.